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Welcome to RCalc, a global analytics business that provides innovative, effective and independent statistical solutions to a range of business problems.

We provide proprietary best practice solutions to develop state of art analytical tools that allow firms to capitalise on new opportunities, manage their implementation and monitor the results thereby ensuring firms maximise return on investment.

Our expertise has been gained across multiple industry sectors and the team is made from specialists with an average of 15 years experience at the coal face.

We pride ourselves on the following mantras:

Quality- Without question is the requirement to build optimal business solutions that provide maximum bottom line improvements. We ensure we use all our expertise to build models that provide optimal results and are documented to a degree that will facilitate any handover process to internal teams.

Honesty- We also understand that no model is perfect and highlight all the strengths and weaknesses of our solutions. Furthermore if we believe we can't deliver your expected return on investment we say so and would prefer to walk away rather than promise benefit that cannot be delivered.

Execution - unlike many "consultants" who deliver a critique on what is wrong, RCalc offers solutions. We work with the client to make sure the solution is working and imbedded within the business before departure from the project.