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Fintech & Peer to Peer (P2P) Analytics


Fintech & Peer to Peer (P2P) Analytics

We are delighted to announce that RCalc is growing it's bespoke Fintech/P2P proposition to cater for the substantial growth in P2P platforms within the UK and abroad.

Right now P2P platforms are springing up all around and face key issues in determining the credit quality of potential borrowers given that for some credit risk assessment is new territory (management maybe centric to IT or just good entrepreneurs) and they do not have access to historic data assets that help seasoned players (the big banks) build out a sound credit risk model suite. Key questions new players need to answer are:

Naturally the new P2P platforms are turning to the Credit Reference Agencies (CRA) for help, but this raises yet more questions, namely:

All are difficult questions for a new platform to answer. Get it wrong and the platforms ability to generate lender returns are thrown into doubt and will hamper the platforms ability to grow.

We can help

Through our experience and data assets we can help with:

We also believe the P2P industry could do a great deal more to help potential lenders understand the risk of the people/small businesses that they lend to. We see the application of our sister firms' rating tool iCreditScore as a novel way to allow risk calculation to take place at the lender front end of the P2P platform. This (in an anonymous way) can help lenders know what the risk of the borrowers they choose to lend to represent and ultimately hone their lending decision.

Recent Case Studies

If you are a new P2P platform or even a seasoned one please get in touch to see how RCalc can make you a better lender.

Please contact our P2P specialist partner Leigh Baker on leigh@rcalc.co.uk or 07776 294220.